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Cheryl  03/03/17

Truly inspiring, supportive and never gave up hope on me. The answers were there all along I just took the leap of faith and trusted in the skills you taught me...like you said ' I can tell you how to ride a bike but if you don't get on and peddle, you wont move in the direction you need to focus on. Now i am back in the saddle. Thank you from myself and my family, now I am a wife and mum that  is loved and loves life

Highly recommend., UK, 01 Apr 16

I have been struggling for five years with anxiety and depression I didn't have any self esteem or motivation. I am seeing Samantha weekly and already I am starting to go out on my own again and feel positive now about my future she helped me plan goals and is very understanding. Thank you so much for helping me the difference in me is amazing . Very caring and understanding. Professional and down to earth with payment options that make my treatment with CBT possible. Highly recommend anyone thinking about CAT to give Samantha a tr y. It's changing my life already

I have seen tremendous improvement!   

Mila, Sheffield, 23 Jun 16
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The practice is small, but I chose it because the therapist who runs it (Samantha Denney) was the first out of everyone to contact me, which made a good impression; the practice offers affordable prices and I enjoyed the service. I have been with Abbey Therapy for almost three months now and have not regretted it.

Gill, Sheffield 03/17.I promised i would write my views on abbey therapy, i dont know where to begin, so i try at the beginning . 13 months ago i lost my mum, i thought my world had ended, i had other family members around me but i felt so alone, went to doctors he said i had stress and anxiety! give me diazepam, after a month of taking them i ordered a repeat prescription but didnt take them, i did this for 3 months, saved every tablet! i had planned to take my own life with all the tablets i had nearly 300 of them! the morning i planned to do it, i woke up, everyone left the house, i fed my pets and got everything ready, as i sat on the bed with the pills and a large glass of water, my mind wondered off, i then really realised what i was about to do! it scared me silly, i was crying, i logged onto my laptop and typed in therapy and this site came u i rang the practise and was near begging for help, sam got me in 2 days later! that was the day my life changed! i was suffering from severe/moderate depression, severe anxiety and severe muscle tension! today im a lot better than i was sam was the only person who truly listened to me and answered lots of my unanswered questions! she made other realise just how serious anxiety can be and not just an excuse for people to feel sorry for you! if it wasnt for sam i wouldnt be here writing this now i know that for certain! i still got a long way to go yet but i know i will get there now! i see sam as a friend now not just my therapist, i owe her so much i would never be able to repay back what she as done for me!!! xxxxx

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Dave Brian  ***** 

" I was treated using cognitive-behavioural therapy for a very debilitating case of generalized anxiety disorder. Sam diagnosed me very quickly and we set about tackling everything that was keeping the anxiety going. 

Sam kept the therapy targeted at specific issues with which I was struggling and she gave very practical advice in a structured and effective way. 

Sam's service is excellent value for money, especially given that she is clearly a very talented, caring and experienced therapist. 
Although the experience of anxiety itself was incredibly distressing, the process of overcoming it with Sam was very fulfilling, and I will continue to use the skills I learned for the rest of my life. 

I am now in a very good place, having been discharged last week, and I am very grateful for Sam's help in achieving this..

EMMA  12/01/17

I Found Sam at Abbey Therapy Practice incredibly professional and supportive and provided me with a range of stratergies which has enabled  me to manage my Bipolar and understand it. this has been an incredibly positive experience and I would highly recommend Sam. 


Tel :0114 2582725 / 07483068909  

RD 2018, After only a few sessions with Sam, before moving house i have already seen a difference in my life. Sam is flexable, accomodating, and listened to all my concerns, seeking to address them all, i have a better understanding and lots of practical stratergies and tecniques ..thank you so very very much for all your help, i have reccomended you already to many people.

Tanya M  20.01.17.

I owe my life to Sam, literally !!! I was sick of being placed on waiting lists to see NHS counseling services. I had seen a few clinics and emailed them, Sam was the only one who answered me within hours. Before that I had counted out my pills and wrote my goodbye letters, I wanted to end it. Thankfully she replied, her voice put me at ease straight away, she made an emergency appointment for me to see her straight away even on the weekend ! I felt life was over, that was then, now I face the world with a fierce smile, that says try me ! I have confidence and I have a whole new life, a new job, and am marrying this summer. I will say to anyone who feels the way I did, dont give up, give Sam a call, take back control with her help you can. Thank you  eternally ..

EMILY _  YELL REVIEW ""Fantastic. Totally changed my life around for the better. Sam is professional caring and brilliant in how she delivers therapy. Highly reccomend to anyone suffering from any form of anxiety to give her a call. Best thing I ever did.

08 Mar 2017
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Wouldn't be here today without Abbey therapy practice. Thanks for helping me find myself And live again.

Wow !!

Ray 01/08/2016

I remember Samantha asking me the miracle question about waking up one morning and my problems and woes would not be there...what would have changed ? What changed was coming to see Sam, the empathy was there from the start combined with amazing techniques, everything made sense so quickly and I have never looked back. I have a new life a new perspective..happy happy happy !!!!!